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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

The tale of two playmakers......

Today we might get to see the repeat of the euro 2000 semifinal. France vs portugal, and most essentially zidane vs figo. Many had written off both zidane and figo for this world cup stating they were old and a spent force. At the beginning, Zidane had said, "We're not old, we're experienced." , and now both these players have contributed to their teams reaching the semis of the world cup in no lesser way. These are the two players i have really admired and followed ever since the 1998 world cup. Each of them have achieved so much and essentially gained millions of fans who adore their artistry on the field. All good things should come to an end, but no good things have left me so satisfied. This post is a tribute to both of them, hopefully one of them will get to lift the cup :).

As Luize Felipe Scollari, the curent portugal and ex- Brazil coach said today, "
Zidane and Figo should carry on for 15 more years because they can make the ball do wonderful things and even their opponents like to watch them play. "

"Zizou is like a musical conductor on the field, we play around him" ...Fabien Barthez, French goalkeeper.

"That was just typical Zidane; it didn't impress me any more than that. The only difference was this time I was next to him on the pitch. And I can assure you he does everything a lot quicker in real life than on TV" ...Franck ribery after Zidane led France to script Brazil's exit in the quarterfinals.

Read the Fifa article here

Following are two clips i found on the internet:



Monday, June 26, 2006

Anger Management......

When you are chatting to someone online you undergo a various range of emotions. However, since you get used to knowing that the person at the other end is not going to be able to see you actually blushing, jumping up and down or pulling your hair, you learn to curb the physical manifestation of those emotions. You learn to equivocate these emotions through cyber mannerisms and emoticons. For example, you will use the blushing emoticon, when you want to express yourself to be blushing without physically blushing at all. Similarly, when you want to scream and shout from anger, you just turn the caps lock on and type in ALL CAPS.

This behavior leads to my new anger management tool to train people with anger management problems. The idea is to subject them to chatting sessions and while they are at it to trigger their anger. This will train their neural network to express their anger through turning on the caps lock key without any whatsoever physical signs of anger like chair thrashing and objects throwing. At the end of the session they will be provided a wrist band with a depressable caps lock key, pressing of which will turn on a green light on the band simulating the real keyboard situation. Thus they will learn to control themselves when they are angry by just pressing this caps lock key on their wristband. Thus when they are angry they can just talk and behave like they would normally do, but then again, it would be taken care of because the caps lock key would be on. Its being planned to get the wristbands out in blue, black, military green for men and soft pink, lavender, silky white for women.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

The imposter......

A friend called me an imposter today. Mostly because she thinks that after claiming to create a trivial blog i was tackling some deep, meaningful issues. The reasons apart, having known the vocabulary skills of this lady in question, I wish she had called me a charlatan which would necessarily amount to her calling me an impostor. Not all people know the meaning of charlatan. If she called me charlatan some people may think she was calling me cute stuff. Granted they can look it up in the dictionary, but how many people actually do that! They would just try to figure out a meaning for it based on the context and the way it sounds. Charlatan sounds so close to charismatic or chauvinistic for those who havent heard it. Charlatan sounds so french, and thus so sweet. The dictionary tells me it indeed was french, derived from Italian ciarlatano, which means from Cerreto, a city which was habitated by such impostors in question here. So thats what charlatan is, its a sweet sounding word with a negative meaning

Thus I really wish if she wanted to call me an imposter she should have done it this way, with batting eyelashes "Ohhh, you are such a charlatan ". She sill gets to say what she wants to say, and i get said what i deserve. All i want is that maybe some people will misunderstand it and think she was saying something like, "Ohh, You are such a knight in shining armor". Is that too much to ask? :)

This post also proves i am ohh so incorrigible :)

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Greatest Unknown Guitarist ever .......

I grew up listening to Classic rock and Blues. Guitarists like Eric Clapton, Mark Knopfler, Jimmy Page, and Stevie ray vaughn had long became big favourites. Then a few months back i listened to a blues guitarist named Roy Buchanan. The first thing i said to myself after listening to his songs was, "This is where it's at!". The second thing that came to my mind was why didn't I hear him before! Let alone hearing him, why haven't I heard about him before? I soon got interested and listend to a couple of his albums and he is pretty consistent all throughout, and the song i listened to wasn't a one off.

Here is a clip of him playing the solo on "Roy's blues"

As it turns out, Roy Buchanan, was a players player. He was one of the laidback guitarists who liked to avoid the spotlight and earned his fame by playing at numerous small clubs to an audience which got addicted pretty fast. He was considered a god by all the contemporary guitarists of his time. Jeff Beck was his student and his song "we have ended as lovers" from the "Blow by Blow" album is a tribute to Roy. He also influenced guitarists like robbie robertson and the ZZ top lead. In the 70's he was offered to play with "Derek and the Dominoes" by Eric Clapton, but Roy had turned down the offer citing that he had a band of his own. He was also offered to join the rolling stones. I still only wonder how Layla would have sounded if Roy was on the guitars. However Roy stuck to his band and to his sound. He was shy of the big music companies trying to push him to adapt a mainstream sound and throughout his career he remained a guitarist who was criminally overlooked.

His songs are soulful, with raw energy flowing through the heart wrenching solo's. The man owned a Fender telecaster and the man made it his own. Even in the 60's without pedals and gizmos, he created the trademark wails and squeals founds on his bluesy tracks. His experiments with volume swelling and pinch harmonics flow freely through his off the hook solo's. His guitar always sounds so soulful yet rebellious at the same time.

I found some videos of Buchanan and decided to try and put them here. These include a very simple tune called "Sweet dreams" made so special by Roy's guitaring. The videos show his swirl and whirl sounds technique with the fender in the song "when the guitar plays the blues". The videos themselves are not of the best production quality being from a time long ago, and the sound quality is not so great, but just to give us a taste of his music, they are very very precious. Thanks to Jack burton, a user on You tube, i don't even know, for putting them up! Go get your headphones :)

Monday, June 05, 2006

Fortune Cookie......

Yesterday we went to a chinese restaurant for lunch. At the end of the lunch me and my friend set about cracking open the fortune cookie getting ourself ready to go through the motions of reading the fortune and going, "Yeah right!". But the fortune that i recieved in my fortune cookie became a point of debate. Here is what it said in clear black letters printed on the trademark little thin white strip of paper:

"Good things come to those who wait
but only the things left by those who hustle"

Me and my friend both had different interpretations. I could not believe my friend thought it meant that people who are patient get rewarded and those who hustle don't. Whereas it was crystal clear to me. It meant that there are enough good things for everyone, but those who hustle get a choice of which things they want, and the patient ones get good things too but only those rejected by the ones who hustle. So the cookie basically advocates hustling, which might be different to the traditional views on patience. What do you think? What is your interpretation? Maybe they revised the fortunes to be more contemporary?

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Self Adulation......

A conversation on self adulation. Setting, is on a peaceful territory. "her" in the conversation is a smart lady with a witty tongue who hangs around an ink well and churns out a blog with immense regularity!

me : I totally dig self adulation...
her : whats that?
me: Self adulation is adulating the self. And i dig that. Wonder if adulating is a valid word. Mmm, maybe it is.
her : Come on, every one self adulates to a certain extent!!
me: No way, No one self adulates better than me!!! *Beaming*
her : What a Grand Illusion!

Saturday, May 27, 2006

Simple Pleasures......

It is amazing how the simpler things in life can really brighten up your day and add a spring to your step. It is widely accepted that it takes a small thing to spoil one's mood. However, a few days back, for the first time I experienced a strange sense of well being and utter satisfaction from one of the really simpler happenings in life, which left me with a really really happy countenance.

I have always been unlucky with my hot beverages and soups. May it be my coffee, my coco in my formative years, or any soup in my meal, if its a hot beverage then it has invariably been too hot for me! All through my life i have suffered continuous admonishments through the way of my burnt tongue because of my impatience with my soups which have invariably been too hot! Having given up, I trained myself to blow air to cool down the soup before i could even try it. But the chore just blew all the fun out of drinking the soup, where for every spoonfull I would have to blow air several times and each time partake the spoonfull with the fear of the unknown. I talked to many people about this, but they just said this is how it was meant to be. You order soup and it would either be just too hot or sometimes even dead cold when it gets to you, and it was this state of affairs that converted me into a person who did not order soups.

On that particular day I found myself scanning the menu to find something remotely veg that i could order. I was extremely hungry and really needed something to fill me up. Disappointment soon stuck as nothing tempting could be found on the menu. I soon realized that i would have to order....The Soup. I ordered it very curtly, like a beaten down protagonist of a blog entry with minimum viewership would. I avoided any possibility of small talk with the girl at the counter as she poured me a bowl of their soup. Yet another bowl of soup in my life, placed there on my table, and me ready with a spoon, preparing myself for the chore. I blew the spoonful cold, not taking any risks, and then tried it. Hmm, it wasn't all that hot! Next spoon i tried it with even fewer blows of air and even then it wasn't too hot! My mind was in shock, I wasn't really computing what was unfolding out there, i was only doing. Soon, i was on the edge, about to try the next spoonfull without blowing any air! I did! Oh yessss!!!! Life was beautiful! The soup was just the RIGHT hot!!! I did not believe this was happening to me, I didnt realize i was tapping my feet on the floor. I suddenly felt this air of enthusiasm in me, my friend even said, "You suddenly seem so enthusiastic". Ohhh what would i do to get a bowl of soup that is just the right hot! It was like the stars in the galaxy had aligned themselves just at the right angles for this moment to happen in my life! My life had purpose, I felt positive, and I was using exclamation marks of joy after all my sentences!!!! I still am!!!!! It really is amazing what simple pleasures of life can do to you!!!!